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Find the latest Indian government tenders for Aprons. CovidTenders provides Indian Tenders, RFP and E Procurement notices to fight Corona Virus. These items are: Protective poncho, Apron, medical protective suit, protective clothing, protective apparel, Safety Uniform, Protective jacket, Safety Apparel, Protective garment and Protective hosiery etc. Users can search and download unlimited number of Tenders, EOI and Request for Proposal related to: Medical apron, protective apparel, Protective Apron, Protective cloth, Protective Coat, safety cloth, safety glove, Safety Goggle, Safety Uniform, Protective vest and Protective Wear Etc.

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CT Ref No.  81170610

Deadline  11th Apr 2023

State  Telangana

Category  Aprons

CT Ref No.  81170452

Deadline  22nd Apr 2023

State  Delhi (NCT)

Category  Aprons

CT Ref No.  81170265

Deadline  12th Apr 2023

State  West Bengal

Category  Aprons

CT Ref No.  81160502

Deadline  10th Apr 2023

State  Himachal Pradesh

Category  Aprons

CT Ref No.  81150094

Deadline  22nd Apr 2023

State  Madhya Pradesh

Category  Aprons

CT Ref No.  81133224

Deadline  24th Apr 2023

State  Tamil Nadu

Category  Aprons