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State : Bihar
Summary : Oil Free Vacuum Pump (Quantity Required: 1 Nos)
CT Ref No : 72199555
Tender Notice No : GEM/2022/B/2575125
Competition :NCB
Financier :Self Financed
Ministry Of Education
845401 Mahatma Gandhi Central University Bihar
Shirish Mishra 845401, Camp Office, Raghunathpur, Motihari 1 15 Heating Mentle-capacity 250 Ml (Minimum 50% and 20% Local Content required for qualify...
Email :con1.mgcu.motihari@gembuyer.in
URL :www.gem.gov.in
Tender Details :Item Description: Oil Free Vacuum Pump
Rotavapor With Recirculating Chiller , Heating Mentle- capacity 250 ml , Heating Mentle-capacity 500 ml , Refrigerator , Analytical Laboratory Weighing Balance , Optical Microscope with attached Camera , Hydrothermal Autoclave , Temperature and Humidity control Chamber , Ultrasonic Cleaner , Vacuum Desiccator , Stirrers With Hotplate with Digital Speed Indicator , Colorimeter , Oil Free Vacuum Pump , Air Cooled Low Vacuum Pump Normal BOQ Title Instrument Chemistry MGCUB
Deadline :15th Oct 2022
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